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Douglas Lane
Sunshine Beach, QLD, 4567

Pregalates is an online pilates training resource, specialising in training programs for use during pregnancy. Join now and access trimester specific training videos aimed at keeping you in shape throughout and after pregnancy. 

Instructed by Tasha Lawton, a qualified Pilates Instructor and mother of two, during her first pregnancy. 

Tasha provides online support via Skype and email to all of her clients.


"I'm really enjoying the Pilates and it seems to be keeping the backache and sciatica at bay, which is marvellous.
Heading into the home straight now - eek! Looking forward to the next DVD to get me through it in one piece"

Enjoy A Happy, Healthy and Active PREGNANCY

Join me, Tasha as I huff and puff my way through each of my trimesters with these 100% safe, sometimes painful (!) and definitely highly effective workouts in your front room.


Pregalates is an online Pilates training resource for mums and mums-to-be. With trimester specific workouts for every stage of your pregnancy, great membership and online streaming options, and videos instructed by Tasha Lawton during her second pregnancy. 

If you'd like to contact me to find out more please click here.